Cosmelan® Peel

Arlene Antoinette Skincare  is excited to introduce an effective treatment for melasma and chloasma: The Cosmelan® Peel by Mesoestetic! 

Would you like to have luminous, lustrous and perfectly balanced skin? Now you can walk into a room and shine like the star you are, with the Cosmelan® Peel. Effective and safe for all skin types, this breakthrough depigmentation treatment for the face, neck, chest, hands and back is a powerfully brilliant solution for stubborn melasma, age spots, sun damage, acne and post-acne traces.


How It Works

Brown patches or skin discoloration are a consequence of many factors such as sun exposure, aging, acne scarring and/or hormonal fluctuations due to pregnancy or menopause. The Cosmelan® secret to success is a combination of different depigmentation agents that decrease melanin production and formation in the skin by inhibiting the enzyme Tyrosinase (involved in the manufacture of melanin in the skin). Melanin is responsible for darkening of the skin during tanning and the formation of brown spots after long-term sun exposure. In addition, the hormone Estrogen can influence the production of melanin which is responsible for the formation of melasma.

The Cosmelan® Advantage:

Its compatible with all skin types
It’s completely safe and free of harsh ingredients such as TCA
It is also beneficial for acne clients by reducing sebaceous secretion and erases post acne discoloration
You will typically see your skin become bright and rejuvenated with the lightening of dark, black, brown and red spots and areas in about 2 to 4 weeks


The Three Stages of the System 

Stage 1: The initial treatment of the Cosmelan® 1 Mask is always done in office. This involves a full evaluation of the skin. The cleaning of the skin is done with a degreasing agent in order to remove any dead skin cells, oils and other debris. The Cosmelan® 1 Mask is then applied and left on for 5 to 10 hours depending on your skin type and sensitivity level. After the appropriate amount of time has elapsed, the mask is removed at home with water and a light cleanser. Then the Hydra-vital Factor K Cream is immediately applied on the treated area. 

Stage 2: For the next two weeks following the initial treatment, you will apply the Cosmelan® 2 Cream 2 to 3 times daily and then once daily to maintain your results.

Stage 3: As an added bonus, Arlene Antoinette Skincare will do a follow-up Cosmelan® 1 Mask treatment 2 to 3 weeks after the first initial treatment on your stubborn or problem areas that need extra attention. We have found that adding this extra step has produced the best and most effective treatment results!


What to Expect

Some skin irritation and downtime are to be expected following this peel. Immediately following treatment, you may experience a slight burning and tightening sensation, which is normal and part of the process. If you have sensitive skin, you may also experience an itchy feeling. The Hydra-vital Factor K Cream can be applied regularly to sooth any irritation you may experience.

In most cases, the skin blemishes start to disappear within the first week after starting treatment. The darker the skin, the longer the time it takes for the spots to disappear. The skin starts to appear shiny and healthy in 2 to 3 weeks. In most individuals the dark spots begin to fade in 4-6weeks.



Continued and repeated use of the treatment is required for optimum results! There is no harm if you miss a few days of applying the Cosmelan® 2 Cream; however you may notice a decrease in the efficacy and benefits of the peel and the blemishes may return. If you stop using the Cosmelan® System completely, effects of the sun and hormonal changes can result in reappearance of blemishes and melasma. It’s best to think of the Cosmelan® as a maintenance program to suppress melasma/chloasma and not a one-time fix!

The Cosmelan® Peel is the deepest chemical peel we offer. Arlene Antoinette Skincare also offers a full range of Customized Chemical  peels, the Perfect Derma Peel® and the VI Peel for a medium-depth peel treatment.