At Arlene Antoinette Skincare, our philosophy is simple – you have the right to remain beautiful at every stage of your life. We believe that through personalized skincare treatments, thoughtfully curated products, and thorough education, you will be empowered to embrace your natural beauty. Our aim is to help you feel confident and comfortable in your own skin, so that you may even go bare-faced if you like!

My love of skincare began as a young girl watching my mom each night as she sat on her stool at her dressing table to put her special cream on her face. I couldn’t wait until I was grown up and could do the same. Born and raised in St. Andrew, a part of the Blue Mountains of Jamaica, in the heart of coffee country, the women in my family have always emphasized the importance of healthy skin.

It's about having a health regimen not about looking pretty


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Arlene Antoinette Skincare specializes in providing high-quality, medical-grade skincare treatments designed to address the common issues associated with melanin rich skin tones. Get from our shop page:

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Currently, I hold a license as an aesthetician and have obtained a certificate in medical aesthetics, along with a nail technician’s license. My expertise extends to treating all skin types, tones, and conditions. However, during my early training, I recognized a significant gap in the focus on addressing the needs of melanin-rich complexions, particularly concerning chemical peels and other skin resurfacing treatments. This realization prompted me to proactively educate myself and acquire specialized knowledge in catering to the of needs of this demographic.


I am passionate about educating my clients on effective skincare practices and continuously strive to stay updated on the latest insights and techniques for addressing common issues associated with melanated skin which includes Hyperpigmentation & Discoloration, Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH), Acne & Skin sensitivity.