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Hi, I’m Arlene Mortley, a licensed aesthetician and founder of Arlene Antoinette Skincare located in Brooklyn, NY. I offer high-quality, result oriented custom skincare treatments and the Arlene Antoinette signature line of medical-grade skincare products.

Skincare has been a lifelong passion of mine. My love of skincare began as a young girl, watching my mom each night as she sat on a stool at her dressing table to put her “special cream” on her face. I couldn’t wait until I was grown up and could do the same. Born and raised in St. Andrew, a part of the Blue Mountains of Jamaica, in the heart of coffee country, the women in my family have always emphasized the importance of healthy skin.

Today, I hold a diploma in Aesthetics from The Christine Valmy International School and am a licensed aesthetician, as well as a certified medical aesthetician. My expertise includes advanced training in skin biology, chemical peels, lasers, microneedling, and various anti-aging modalities and technologies. While I treat all skin types, and skin tones, my early training revealed a significant gap in addressing the needs of melanin-rich complexions, especially when it involves chemical peels and other types of skin resurfacing treatments. This realization inspired me to actively seek specialized knowledge to better cater to this demographic. Skincare treatments for melanin-rich skin are more complex, requiring tailored approaches. I am passionate about educating and serving this often-overlooked segment of the skincare industry, as I believe in the importance of personalized solutions for optimal results. Another passion of mine is providing safe, personalized spa treatments to individuals with or recovering from cancer. I am Oncology Trained, a certification earned through Oncology Esthetics™ facilitated by Touch for Cancer. It gives me pure joy to bring a smile to their faces.

I enjoy educating my clients on effective skincare practices and continuously strive to stay updated on the latest insights and techniques for addressing common issues associated with melanated skin which includes Hyperpigmentation & Discoloration, Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH), Acne & Skin sensitivity. To ensure that I remain at the forefront of advancements in this field, I diligently attend multiple medical conferences, industry trade shows, and continuing education courses each year, enabling me to adapt to emerging techniques and technologies. Today, my clientele is as diverse as the population of New York City. I’m proud to offer affordable, medical-grade skincare treatments in a relaxed, spa-like atmosphere.


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