Service Details
Service Details

Skin Analysis & Consultation

Using the Skin OBSERV Diagnostic Device, your skin therapist is able to view and analyze your skin health from the deeper layers, identifying skin conditions hidden beneath the skin’s surface. Consultation includes a home skincare prescription and recommended course of skin treatments.

  • Duration: 20 Mins
  • Price: Free

Glam Lift & Glow

Glam Lift & Glow is our signature facial, it is completely customized to each client’s skin on the day of treatment, and no two facials will be exactly alike. The treatment utilizes a variety of methods to achieve dramatic results. It combines sculpting facial massages with cutting-edge non-invasive technologies which may include collagen-boosting radio frequency, microcurrent, light peels, LED light therapy, micro-channeling, and our custom blend of miracle skin boosters and masks.  The outcome is immediate radiance, lift, and definition, with lasting results
  • Duration: 60-90 Mins
  • Price: $200

Fab Face In A Flash (Xpress)

Only have 30 minutes on the clock?  Hop aboard the super cleanse express for a quick rejuvenation. This mini facial was developed to quickly refine, exfoliate, and rehydrate your skin. The treatment includes ultrasonic cleansing, a pore-refining exfoliation, and a combination of corrective serums.  We finish with an oxygen mist supercharged with rejuvenating peptides to give you the perfect glow!

  • Duration: 30 Mins
  • Price: $85

Gentlemen’s Facial

Beautiful skin is a gender-neutral ambition but attaining it is a gender-specific pursuit.  Developed especially for men’s skin, this specialized treatment softens the skin, gets rid of in-grown hairs, and heal irritations that are commonly associated with shaving. Treatment may include an ultra-sonic deep pore cleanse, AHAs, microdermabrasion, extractions, custom blended corrective serums, and mask.  The experience ends with a relaxing neck and shoulder massage, LED Light Therapy or Cryotherapy to calm inflammation and skin sensitivity as well as skincare advice on how to prevent razor burns and ingrown hairs.  You will leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated with a healthy glowing skin.

  • Duration: 60 Mins
  • Addons: Beard Treatment w/Hi Frequency $45
  • Price: 65 Mins $150
  • Price: 40 Mins $85

Microdermabrasion/diamond Glow Treatment

A non-invasive 3-in-1 treatment that exfoliates, extracts, and infuses skin with condition-specific serums – for both face and body without downtime.

  • Duration: 50 Mins
  • Price: $180


Dermaplaning is the ultimate exfoliation facial. It uses a surgical blade to remove the build-up of dry skin, dirt and oils in and around the skin. It also removes the fine facial hair (and no it doesn’t grow back thicker!) which leaves the skin ultra-smooth making dermaplaning ideal for perfect make-up application before an event. It is safe and pain free with no downtime. Once the skin has been deeply exfoliated with dermaplaning, any active ingredient applied will have much better absorption and so we make the most of this by combining dermaplaning with a post treatment serum or mask. We also recommend dermaplaning to kick-start a new daily care regimen or to prepare the skin for treatments such as skin peels or our pigment reduction plan.

  • Duration: 40-60 Mins
  • Price: From $90

A Clean Start

A lifetime of healthy skin starts at an early age.  This gentle facial carefully addresses the problems common for this age group including blemishes, acne, oily complexion, and uneven skin tone on the face and back, to help develop a good foundation for smooth, fresh skin.  This treatment includes gentle extraction, exfoliation, a lesson in proper cleansing technique and homecare. Say goodbye to problem skin and hello gorgeous glow!

  • Duration: 55 Mins
  • 13- 18yrs old
  • Price: From $90